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Specializing in Building Your Plan A or B Investment in Nicaragua

Welcome to our exclusive investment opportunities! At Nica.Realty, we specialize in building plan A and B properties that are truly exceptional. Whether you're looking for a full-time home, a part-time getaway or a smart investment, we've got you covered. With our expert team of architects, designers, and builders, we create properties that exceed expectations. Our attention to detail and commitment to quality ensure that every aspect of your investment is carefully considered and executed flawlessly. What sets us apart is our dedication to providing peace of mind. We understand the importance of feeling secure in your investment decisions. That's why we offer comprehensive guarantees that cover not only the construction process but also the long-term performance and value of your property. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting out, our team will guide you through the entire process with transparency and expertise. From choosing the perfect location to customizing the layout, we'll work closely with you to create a property that suits your unique needs and preferences. Investing in one of our plan A or B properties means investing in more than just bricks and mortar. It means investing in a lifestyle – one that offers comfort, luxury, and endless possibilities. Whether it's enjoying breathtaking views from your balcony or generating lucrative rental income, our properties are designed to enhance every aspect of your life. Don't settle for anything less than extraordinary when it comes to your investments. Choose Nica.Realty for investment opportunities that guarantee peace of mind. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your financial goals while enjoying the benefits of an exceptional property.




Discover the Hidden Gem of Nicaragua: San Juan Del Sur

Have you ever dreamed of owning a slice of paradise, where pristine beaches, crystal-clear ocean waters, and breathtaking views abound? Look no further than San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua's best-kept secret. While its neighboring country Costa Rica may steal the spotlight, we believe that Nicaragua offers an unparalleled opportunity for savvy investors like yourself. With Nicaragua still relatively unknown compared to Costa Rica, now is the perfect time to get in early and reap the benefits of this upcoming growth. Imagine indulging in the same stunning beaches, mesmerizing ocean vistas, and remarkable natural beauty that Costa Rica is known for – all at a fraction of the cost. In San Juan Del Sur, you can enjoy the beachfront lifestyle you've always desired without breaking the bank. Located right next to the border of Costa Rica, San Juan Del Sur is strategically positioned to become one of Central America's most sought-after destinations. Its prime location makes it an ideal investment for those seeking maximum returns on their hard-earned dollars. Whether you're looking to invest in vacation rentals or purchase your own piece of heaven on earth, San Juan Del Sur offers endless opportunities for growth and profitability. The demand for luxury accommodations and beachfront properties is steadily increasing as more people discover the allure of this hidden gem. Moreover, investing in San Juan Del Sur not only guarantees a high return on investment but also grants you access to a vibrant community filled with expats from around the world. Experience a rich cultural exchange while enjoying all the modern comforts and amenities that this thriving town has to offer. Don't miss out on this golden opportunity to be part of something extraordinary. Take advantage of Nicaragua's untapped potential before others catch on. Invest your money wisely – dollar for dollar – and watch your investment flourish along with this emerging paradise. Contact us today and let our expert team guide you through every step of your journey towards owning a piece of San Juan Del Sur's paradise. Your dream beachfront property awaits – seize the opportunity now!

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Dorado Height, San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

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Our primary focus is on purchasing land and constructing high-quality 2 and 3-bedroom condos that offer both comfort and luxury. San Juan Del Sur, known for its stunning beaches and vibrant culture, has become a sought-after destination for investors and vacationers alike. With its breathtaking natural beauty and warm community atmosphere, it presents the perfect setting for your dream home or investment property.

Whether you are looking to make San Juan Del Sur your permanent residence or seeking an investment opportunity with high rental potential, our condos offer versatility to suit your unique needs. The spacious layouts provide ample room for families or those who desire extra space for guests, while the modern amenities ensure every comfort is met.

Our team of experienced professionals will guide you through every step of the purchasing process. We understand that investing in real estate can be a significant decision, which is why we strive to provide transparency and personalized service to ensure your peace of mind. As San Juan Del Sur continues to grow in popularity, now is the


Property Management

Our team takes care of everything on the property management side, so you can sit back, relax, and watch your profits roll in every month.

We understand that your investment should be a source of passive income, not a source of stress. That's why our experienced

professionals are dedicated to providing top-notch service that maximizes your returns while minimizing your involvement. We have the expertise and resources to ensure that your property is well-maintained, occupied by reliable tenants, and generating consistent cash flow. When you choose our property management services, you can rest easy knowing that your investment is in capable hands. We prioritize open communication and transparency, keeping you informed every step of the way. Our team is always available to address any concerns or questions you may have.

Don't let the complexities of property management hold you back from enjoying the benefits of real estate investment. With us by your side, you can say goodbye to headaches and hello to peace of mind. Let us handle the hard work while you focus on what matters most - collecting your profits. Contact us today.



Imagine immersing yourself in the vibrant culture and stunning landscapes of this beautiful country, all while enjoying the benefits of long-term residency. And the best part? It's as simple as investing $30,000 in our local Nicaraguan company.

Why choose Nicaragua? With its tropical climate, breathtaking beaches, and rich history, it's no wonder that this Central American gem is becoming an increasingly popular destination for expats. Whether you're seeking a peaceful retirement or looking to start a new chapter in your life, Nicaragua offers endless opportunities. By investing with us, not only will you gain residency status but also become part of a thriving community driven by growth and progress.

Our local Nicaraguan company has a deep understanding of the country's economy and business landscape, making us your ideal partner for success. We believe in fostering strong relationships with our investors and providing them with ongoing support even after they obtain their residency.

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